Day 1


08.30 AM

Registration & welcome coffee

Opening exhibition

10.00 AM

Jennifer Baker


Welcome to EFECS

The moderator, Jennifer Baker, will say a few words of welcome and will explain this unique event

10.10 AM

Roberto Viola


keynote by European Commission

Roberto Viola, Director-General of Communications Networks, Content and Technology

10.30 AM

Kurt Sievers


European ECS industry: advancing the connected world

Download the keynote presentation by Kurt Sievers, President & CEO of NXP Semiconductors and President of AENEAS

10.50 AM


Create impact for Europe with the Chips Act

While semiconductors and chips are considered as the engines of the green and digital transitions, their production relies on complex and vulnerable supply chains. In the current challenging geo-political environment, with shortages in supply and skills and with war at the door, Europe must analyse its strengths and weaknesses and take action to stay healthy and competitive.

Stefan Finkbeiner

Stefan Finkbeiner

CEO and General Manager of Bosch Sensortec GmbH

Annemarie Grossefrie

Annemarie Grosse Frie

Senior Vice-President of Research and Predevelopment at Siemens AG

Bart Noordam

Bart Noordam

Senior Vice President of Strategy and Presidents’ Office at ASML

Jean-Luc di Paola Galloni

Jean-Luc di Paola Galloni

VALEO Corporate Vice President, INSIDE President, Chair of the PMB of KDT-JU

Kurt Sievers

Kurt Sievers

President & CEO of NXP Semiconductors and President of AENEAS

Luc van den Hove

Luc van den Hove

President and CEO of imec

12.30 - 14.00
Buffet Lunch and exhibition


14:00 PM

Lucilla Sioli


Introduction on synergies with kdt

Introduction by Lucilla Sioli, Director of Artificial Intelligence and Digital Industry at the European Commission

14:05 PM

Colin Willcock


Synergies on telecom applications

Download the presentation of Colin Willcock, Chair of SNS-JU Governing Board, Chair of 6G-IA Governing Board

14:20 PM

Armin Graeter


Synergies with connected and automated Mobility applications

Download the presentation of Armin Gräter, Chair of CCAM Association, Director of Digitalisation and Automated Driving at BMW Group

14:35 PM

Casper Garos


Synergies with digital healthcare applications 

Download the presentation of Casper Garos, Alternate Member of the IHI-JU Governing Board, Head of Public-Private Partnerships at Philips

14:50 PM

Linda Gesenhues


Synergies with high performance computing 

Download the presentation of Linda Gesenhues, Programme Officer at EuroHPC

15:05 PM


Q&A session

Q&A sesssion with the four Synergies speakers, moderated by Lucilla Sioli

15.35 - 16.30
Coffee break and exhibition


16:30 PM


SME pitches & Brokerage project pitches

18:00 - 19:30 PM


Networking cocktail

Day 2


08.00 AM

Registration & welcome coffee

09:00 AM

Paolo Azzoni



Download the presentation of Paolo Azzoni, Secretary General Inside Industry Association

09:45 AM



Expert workshops on focus topics

Three parallel workshops, on the following topics:

  • Workshop on Chips for 6G
    This workshop, moderated by AENEAS (Patrick Cogez, Technical Director) and KDT (Berta Ferrer Llosa, Programme Officer) consists of:
    • Presentation of the main lines of the focus topic 6G Integrated Radio Front-End for TeraHertz Communications, inspired by a recent CSA involving the ECS and the telecommunications communities and currently under consideration for the KDT Call 2023
    • Download the presentation of Patrick Cogez (Technical Director at AENEAS)
    • Download the presentation of Fredrik Tillman (Research Leader, Ericsson AB), sharing his expectations from a telecommunications equipment makers point of view
    • Download the presentation of Mohand Achouche (Director of Hardware Strategy, Nokia Bell Labs), sharing his expectations from a telecommunications equipment makers point of view
    • Download the presentation of Frédéric Gianesello (STMicroelectronics, New RF Business Opportunities ), who provides the component suppliers perspective
    • Followed by a panel discussion and engaging with the audience on which additional challenges might be addressed by further calls on chips for future networks.
    Berta Ferrer Llosa    Patrick Cogez     Fredrik Tillman     Mohand Achouche     Frédéric Gianesello

  • Workshop on Edge AI
    The EPoSS Task Force “AI at the Edge” and INSIDE invites AI experts, system integrators and hardware specialists to the EFECS Session on Edge AI, to kick off the new joint working group on Edge AI. The workshop will address novel issues, research and innovation directions in the area of intelligent embedded systems, AI hardware accelerators, edge AI-based software and services in the domain of Edge AI. We are looking for inspiration from our invited speakers and workshop participants to detect emerging trends and challenges for the future Key Digital Technologies Joint Undertaking focus topic calls.

    • Download the presentation of Paolo Azzoni (INSIDE)
    • Download the presentation of Ovidiu Vermesan (SINTEF)
    • Download the presentation of Huascar Espinoza (KDT JU)
    • Download the presentation of Holger Schmidt (Infineon)
    • Download the presentation of Inessa Seifert (VDIVDE-IT)
    • Download the presentation of Albert Seubers (Martel Innovate)
    • Download the presentation of Jenny Plunkett (Edge Impulse)

    Paolo Azzoni     Huascar Espinoza     Holger Schmidt     Inessa Seifert     Jenny Plunkett

  • Workshop on Integrated Photonics - Download the presentation
    Michael Scholles (Head of Fraunhofer Center MEOS) and Mike Wale (Professor of Integrated Photonics at University College London, Full Professor Emeritus at Eindhoven University of Technology) will present the results of a common Task Force of EPoSS and Photonics 21 on „integrated photonics“ and will then engage in an open discussion with the audience about a roadmap towards industrialized integrated photonics made in Europe.

    Michael Scholles    Mike Wale

10.45 - 11.00
Coffee Break & Exhibition


11.00 AM


Impact of collaborative projects

Ralf Bornefeld

Patrick Cogez

Yves Gigase

Gerhard Döll

Impact of – PENTA, EURIPIDES², KDT/ECSEL & IPCEI on Microelectronics – collaborative projects: From technology to societal achievements, through value chain creation, talent development, investments, and business creation.

  • Ralf Bornefeld, Chair of KDT-JU Governing Board, Senior Vice President of Power Semiconductors & Modules at Robert Bosch GmbH.
  • Download the presentation of Patrick Cogez (Technical Director at AENEAS) for PENTA
  • Yves Gigase (Executive Director ad interim of KDT Joint Undertaking) for ECSEL/KDT
  • Download the presentation of Gerhard Döll (Senior Program Manager R&D Cooperation Projects at Carl Zeiss) for IPCEI

11.40 AM

Nadja Rohrbach

Anton Chichkov


Award session

The 2022 PENTA Innovation Award and the 2022 EURIPIDES² Innovation Award will be handed out to the winning projects by Nadja Rohrbach (Programme Director at PENTA, EURIPIDES² and Xecs).

The KDT Technology Pioneer Award 2022 will be handed out to the winning project by Anton Chichkov (Deputy Head of Programmes Unit at KDT Joint Undertaking).

  • Download the presentation of CAVIAR (PENTA)
  • Download the presentation of SR4SB (EURIPIDES²)
  • Download the presentation of TAPES3 (KDT-JU)

12.30 - 14.00
Lunch Buffet (until 13.30) & Exhibition


14.00 PM

Patrick Cogez

Christopher Frieling

Dimitrios Serpanos

Ina Sebastian

Suzanne Lesecq


Talent shortage, gender imbalance, public defiance towards technology. Can science help us?

Session organised by the Scientific Councils of AENEAS, EPoSS and Inside, moderated by Patrick Cogez (Technical Director, AENEAS). After a summary of the outcomes of the workshop organised previously on “Promising Technologies for ECS”, the bulk of the workshop will explore how the scientific community can help the ECS industry to meet non purely technical challenges which impair its development, such as the growing public defiance towards technology, the talent shortage, and the gender imbalance. These subjects will be addressed by a panel gathering Christopher Frieling (Director Advocacy and Public Policy, SEMI Europe), Dimitrios Serpanos (President of Computer Technology Institute and Press DIOPHANTUS, Professor at University of Patras), Ina Sebastian (Vice President for Research and Innovation Policy, Infineon Technologies AG), and Suzanne Lesecq (Research Director, European Programme Manager, CEA-LETI).

Download the presentation of Patrick Cogez
Download the presentation of Dimitrios Serpanos

15.15 PM


Opening and upcoming Calls and Events

Information on Xecs, KDT and Horizon Europe calls and events

Upcoming Xecs calls and events

Download the presentation of Nadja Rohrbach, Programme Director at Xecs

Upcoming KDT calls and events

Download the presentation of Yves Gigase, Executive Director ad interim of KDT Joint Undertaking

Upcoming Horizon Europe calls and events

Download the presentation of Werner Steinhögl, European Commission

16.00 PM


Wrap-up by moderator

16.15 PM


End of event