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ECS Collaboration Tool

Do you have new project ideas to present to the ECS community?

EFECS 2022 is offering you the opportunity to:

  • Apply for a pitch/poster in the ECS Collaboration Tool before 1 November 2022
  • present a poster at the exhibition
  • pitch your idea  in a plenary session 
  • interact with the audience through live Q&A 
  • engage your project idea in the networking area
  • connect with potential partners 

Find partners and projects

EFECS offers various networking opportunities through poster presentations, pitches in the plenary and face-2-face opportunities. To find new partners and build your consortia: 

  • Showcase your project idea 
  • Indicate if you want to give a pitch
  • Apply for a poster space at the exhibition
  • Prepare your poster (and pitch) using the templates in the ECT Tool
  • Register for EFECS

Create an account

Create an account to access the ECS Collaboration Tool for:

To benefit from these opportunities before the start of the event, please go to the ECS Collaboration Tool and create an account.

How to apply for a project idea pitch

What to do

  • Insert your project idea in the ECS Collaboration Tool (ECT) and select the poster and pitch option. Note that each pitch has be to accompanied by a poster. Please note that you can apply for your poster and/or pitch till 24 October 2021.

When you get a pitch spot appointed

  • Record your project idea pitch (instructions will be sent)
  • Send us your recorded pitch video *
  • Prepare your poster (template can be found in ECT) and send it to us
  • Your pitch will be added to the project idea pitch session on 25 November 14:00-16:30 hrs
  • Your poster will be added to the project ideas booth in the virtual exhibition
  • A group chat for your project idea will be created in the networking area

*When the quality of the video is (too) poor and can’t be improved, the EFECS organisation can decide to give the pitch spot to someone else.

ECS Collaboration Tool

an opportunity for consortium building in the complete ECS value chain

The ECS Collaboration Tool is a new Approach to inspiring innovation and is open to all experts from the Electronic Components and Systems value chain.

The ECS Collaboration Tool is open to all in the ECS Community, and available 24/7. Users can initiate projects and invite partners, or use the messaging system to look for partners or projects. After forming consortia, project teams can assess the best mechanism for funding support for their project, be it a National, ECSEL-JU, European Commission or EUREKA type funding.


Go to the ECS Collaboration Tool


Create a project idea
Initiate a project idea in the ECS Collaboration Tool and invite partners,
and browse other project ideas.

Look for a partner
Use the partner search on ECS Collaboration Tool to look for possible partners
based on their expertise, and invite them to join your project idea.

Look for other project ideas
Browse through the tool to find project ideas and send out an online request
to join a consortium.

Message Board - Get noticed even more
Leave a message on the message board for possible partners or interesting
project ideas.

Calls for Projects in Electronic Components and Systems

Consortium building events & Calls for projects

Opportunities to join

23-25 November 2021 EFECS - Virtual Pre-Brokerage event with project proposal pitches, project ideas booth and dedicated group chats
18-19 January 2022 ECS Brokerage Event, by AENEAS, EPoSS & Inside