Frequently Asked Questions

How to get to the event

EFECS 2021 will take place online! Because there is no way we let the COVID-19 crisis get in our way.  After registration you will receive a personal invitation link, which is linked to your e-mail address and is non-transferable.

How to register and pay

In order to attend EFECS 2021, registration is needed. Take full advantage of the extensive networking opportunities and a range of information available to attendees, and register! The participation fee is only € 40 (+ VAT). Tickets for participation are subject to availability and are non-refundable.

How to apply for a pitch

EFECS enables consortium building for RD&I projects. Among the opportunities is a 5-minute video pitch of new project ideas. In order to apply for a virtual pitch, please submit your project idea in the ECS Collaboration Tool and select the pitch and poster option. For more information, check the project ideas page.

How to apply for a poster

EFECS enables you to showcase your project idea at the virtual EFECS exhibition. Easily apply for a poster spot in the ECS Collaboration Tool (ECT) and download the poster template. Please note that there is a limited space, allocated on a first come first served basis.

Even if you do not have a project idea yourself, the ECS Collaboration Tool is still useful. You can view project ideas from others, join their consortia, build and enlarge your network and communicate with possible partners.

How to apply for a booth

EFECS is the perfect place for virtual networking, inspiration and dissemination. The exhibition is open for RD&I projects, affiliations, project ideas and SMEs, all related to Electronic Components and Systems ECS).
Fill in the application form to apply for a booth!

How to man your booth

Because we aim for an interactive event, we offer participants the one-to-one chat option in the exhibition throughout the event. So preferably someone always needs to be present at your booth to reply questions on 23, 24  and 25 November. Note that multiple persons can be added as representative of your booth.

What communication material can you use

You can upload an unlimited number of documents and images to your booth. You can link the images in your booth to a url if you want. Documents that you upload, will be downloadable by participants.

How to demonstrate your project

We highly recommend that you record a video, showing and perhaps even demonstrating what your project is working on and is trying to achieve. Place a link to this video in your booth, for all participants to view. Instructions on how to record your video will be sent upon approval of your booth application.

How to fill in your booth details

A link to your booth and instructions on how to fill in the details of your booth will be sent upon approval of your booth application.

How to apply for a meeting room

Unfortunately, it is not possible to apply for a meeting room for project- and closed meetings.